The European Spallation Source ERIC in Lund, Sweden, will enable both fundamental and applied research. The goal of the SREss project is directly linked to the goals of the Swedish National Regional Development Fund: to strengthen research, technological development and innovation, and to build a large neutron science research infrastructure. This will lead to more advanced competence by raising the capacity and expanding the use of neutron science in several research areas. 


The importance of the European Spallation Source ERIC has been recognized by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastruture (ESFRI), which has prioritized it as one of three Research Infrastructures. The aim of the SREss project is to secure the basic physical infrastructure of the research facility under construction in Lund, thus laying the physical basis for the future instruments.SREss will make it possible to deliver brighter and stronger capacity for the facility. This will lead to broader possibilities and a stronger position from which to achieve the goals of EU2020 and the Swedish national strategy.

Project Summary

The following investments will be done through the SREss:

  • G01 Linac Tunnel
  • G02 Clystron Building
  • G04 Cryo Compressor Building
  • H01 CUB Building
  • H05 Primary Substation
  • H06 Distribution Substation

The investments will be realized at Brunnshög in Lund, Sweden.

The indicators to be measured are 50 fully employed researchers and the basic foundation for realizing two instruments. This first phase of the project covers 25 researchers.


The project started January 1, 2015, and ended on June 30, 2016, as a first phase of two. The second phase started on April 1, 2016. and lasted until the end of 2018. A third and last phase of the project started in 2020 and ended in April 2023.


The decision to approve the application was made December 17, 2015. The approved amount is SEK 96 341 500. The project is co-funded with 50%.


Steering Committee for SREss: ESS Management Team

Project Leader: Pia Kinhult